Carbon Farming Knowledge

An exciting opportunity for agriculture in southern Australia - building farmer and adviser knowledge in carbon farming

A group of independent farm advisers in South Australia, western Victoria and Tasmania have been successful in attracting Australian Government funding to build their knowledge of carbon farming and how this will assist their farmer clients.

Carbon Farming Trial Scene LandscapeThe project will support existing extension networks to build their capacity to deliver effective messages on factors affecting emission in farming systems, greenhouse gas management, opportunities for storing carbon and the opportunities associated with participating in the Carbon Farming Initiative.

The project engages with highly experienced and qualified key trusted advisors who have worked with their farmer client base for many years. This network has emerged over the last 20 years as state government extension services have been withdrawn and farm businesses have become more complex to manage.

Through a professionally delivered training, mentoring and evaluation program, this project will go beyond awareness to developing the appropriate technical understanding and skill level amongst trusted advisors to effectively facilitate change in farming businesses to incorporate carbon farming technologies into everyday operations.

Each advisor will commit to carbon farming discussions and monitor progress from current knowledge at the start of the program to practice changes at the end with at least 20 of their key clients. A total of 600 farm businesses involved in the highest possible level consultation on carbon impacts on farm.

This program will focus discussion on carbon initiatives and through linkages with existing programs such as Filling the Research Gap and Action on the Ground investments. It will link with researchers to define key messages and package the information in a way that will provide simple activities that farmers can adopt at the farm level.