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CER announces sixth Emissions Reduction Fund auction

The Clean Energy Regulator will hold a sixth Emissions Reduction Fund auction on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 December 2017.
The sixth auction guidelines confirm the format remains unchanged to the previous auction. The Clean Energy Regulator retains flexibility to choose the volume of abatement purchased—between 50 and 100 per cent on offer below the benchmark price.
This auction announcement comes after the release of the new plantation forestry method, allowing carbon sequestration from plantations to enter the scheme for the first time. There is more than $300 million still available in the Emissions Reduction Fund and we expect additional purchasing processes to occur in 2018. The Clean Energy Regulator will assess December auction bids knowing that new methods will bring fresh participation next year.
Participants can register a project at any time without having to seek a contract for their project’s emission reductions with the government.
For more information on eligibility to participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund, visit the Clean Energy Regulator’s website.