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CER announces sixth ERF auction results

The Clean Energy Regulator has announced the results of the sixth ERF auction.

The Emissions Reduction Fund has now secured over 191 million tonnes of abatement through 404 contracts, with more than 26 million tonnes already delivered.

At this auction, the Regulator awarded 26 carbon abatement contracts to deliver over 7.9 million tonnes of abatement, at an average price of $13.08 per tonne.  The average price across all six auctions is now $11.90 per tonne.

The consistently competitive prices and good volumes achieved across the six auctions demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the ERF.

Contracts were awarded to projects across a variety of eligible activities, including the first ERF plantations project.

Over $2.28 billion has now been committed under the ERF, with more than $265 million still available for future purchasing.

ERF auctions results

  Sixth auction Cumulative total
Abatement purchased 7.95 million tonnes 191.7 million tonnes
Average price per tonne $13.08 $11.90
Total committed $104 million $2.28 billion
Total contracts 26 404
Total projects 26 438

More information on the results of the sixth ERF auction are available on the Regulator’s website.