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Summary of Outcomes of the First ERF Auction

On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 April the Clean Energy Regulator held the first Emissions Reduction Fund auction.

The Clean Energy Regulator has awarded 107 Carbon Abatement Contracts to deliver a total of 47,333,140 tonnes of abatement.

The total value of contracts awarded $660,471,500. The average price per tonne of abatement is $13.95.

The Carbon Abatement Contracts were awarded to 43 contractors covering 144 projects. The majority applied under sequestration methods, and landfill and alternative waste treatment methods.

Contract lengths range between three and10 years, with the majority being for the standard seven years.

The largest single contract is for 3 526 278 tonnes of abatement and the smallest is for 12 000 tonnes of abatement.

All information on the Carbon Abatement Contracts awarded by the Clean Energy Regulator is found in the Carbon Abatement Contract table.

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